Anyone know of something similar to

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Hello Bigger Pockets Members!

On the west coast we have a fantastic website called

It basically scrapes Notice of Default and Notice of Trustee Sale foreclosure information off county websites and puts it in an easy to use format for its members to access.

Does anyone know of a similar website in the rest of the US?  Particularly in Missouri or Idaho?



Oh Kevin, I sure wish we could just "scrape" notices off of websites. If it were that easy we'd be in Missouri and Idaho already. ;-)

We've cataloged every significant foreclosure service in the US, and I'm not aware of anything at all similar in those two states. Your best bet will be to go down to the foreclosure auctions in each state and ask around to find out if there are any local services. Local services typically just provide an excel file with new notices, or something similar - typically they don't match and append assessor records, track auctions, etc but it's a start.

You could also consider using one of the national foreclosure data services -,, realtytrac or realquest. That said I find the local services usually to be faster, and of better quality. That was my goal when I started FR - same high quality as the local guys, low price of the national guys, and better software then any of them. :-)

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