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Good Evening BP Community,

Heres the deal; I have started a yellow letter campaigne for equity owners 1995 and below.  Short list but, I am looking for some equity to be in place for some wholesale deals.  Lets say its not working out from this list for certain Illinois zips.  I was wondering for any Illinois investors who would be willing to share where the bulk of the leads are being generated from.  I am willing to keep resending another 2x before I order another list.  Yes, I am a newbie and trying to build some traction.  Thanks in advance for any responses.

hello congratulations on taking getting out there and making things happen. How many times have you sent out letters or post cards, how consistently are you sending them out it might make a difference or it may be a hot list that a lot of people are mailing to.

Linda - I would suggest reaching out to some local probate attorneys. You can often find great deals through them. It is always due to unfortunate circumstances but they are business opportunities all the same. 

Quite often when families have real estate that they receive through probate they just want to unload them because they may be in different States than where the property is located. 

I would also suggest reaching out to some local realtors that work with short sales. If you pair up with a good short sale facilitation company they can handle most of the leg work for you to get the deal closed. This is almost always done at no cost to you - they get paid by the lenders traditionally when the deal closes. 

Good luck out there!

I would NOT bother probate attorneys until you have lots of experience. 

We market all 58 counties of CA and you'd be hard pressed to find any probate attorney, public administrator, fiduciary or judge that does not know us (over 5,000). However, that's because we learned our craft before positioning my company as a go-to source decades ago and are very committed to professionalism.

Flyers and solicitations are treated as trash by legal staff. 

Hello Joshua, 

I have a list of a 1000 names now. I only did 350 handwritten by the way.  1 month and some days.  I wanted to see if I should remail or move on to the next.  I have a budget set in place for the 1000 but wherever I can save  $$ I want to.  My next will be absentee owners for the next 1000. I am looking at the plan of 300 per month.  Should I be doing more?

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