Private Investors & Or Hard Money To Fund Deals/Flips For More $

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Hi BP,

I hope everyone is having a great day!

I am a new Raynham, MA based wholesaler/investor that is currently trying to assign as many lucrative contracts as possible throughout MA and RI in an order to build a reputation and also some seed capital for my fledgling investment company Wilson Property Solutions.

I'm am very interested in the idea of being able to provide sellers and or potential buyers with the option of private funds/financing for their renovations in an effort to be able to present, secure, and close on more attractive deals.

I am new in the game and as such am still networking and building relationships. At present I have not come across favorable lending terms for MA, only in RI. I am looking for terms as close to industry standard as humanly possible, due to the fact that I only want to present sellers and or potential buyers with a viable as well as profitable renovation funding proposition.

Any and all information & assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated as always. I only want to provide the best service imaginable to the sellers & buyers that I attempt to do business with.

Again, I sincerely hope that everyone is having a great day; and as always Good Luck in all your real estate endeavors!

Dan Dwyer

Hi Dan,

Try posting those requirements in the BP Marketplace. Good place to get some of those conversations started.

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