Best Wholesale Contract, Clauses, & Verbage To Use In MA

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Hello fellow BP members,

I am a new wholesaler from Raynham, MA. I am looking for some advice in regards to the best contracts to use for every stage of the wholesale transaction in MA as well as the most transparent verb-age for clear disclosure; and also the best clauses to use to cover oneself risk and inspection wise that would still be presenting the seller with the most attractive offer possible.

I would also appreciate any input on the clauses that can bog down, tie up, or outright undermine the success of a possible wholesale transaction.

Any and all help/advice would be appreciated; especially the advice given from those who have successfully & repeatedly used the contracts & clauses that they have recommended.

I am new to the REI world but I am trying to learn as much as possible in regards to ensuring that I am attempting to complete every aspect of the entire wholesale process in the most wise, prudent, correct, and of course effective ways as possible.

I am wholeheartedly looking forward to the day that I am considered by other professionals in our industry as a truly valuable asset to our field.

Once again I thank any member in the know who takes the time out of their most certainly busy lives to educate another who is not.

Sincerely, Dan Dwyer Wilson Property Solutions

@Dan Dwyer , i think the first thing you should do is get a State Specific contract and/or Check out "FilePlace" here on BP to see if there may be one that fits your needs and area. 

If you have a legal adviser or Attorney that you work with they would be able to help construct a condensed version for your needs and help with the clauses that your speaking about. I'm in Philly so what works here may not work in MA.

Good Luck!