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Hey all, my name is Cam and I am just getting into the Real Estate game out here in Richmond, Va. Looking for advice on whether I should just jump right in sending mailers and all that good stuff or continue my education with a good program? Also curious if anyone recommends any good investor friendly title companies out here. Cheers. 

Hello I would do both understanding that you need to learn your numbers.

Here is a link to a great forum conversation on why you need to know your numbers.


I would attend some local reias and network to help with this also listen to the podcast for some tips. Best of luck.

Hi Cam,

I am new also, slowly putting together the pieces.  I suggest learning about the different strategies.  Decide which one would work best for your current skills (you will learn new skills) your area, and your personal situation.  This thing is big, and there are many directions you can go in.  Identifying the investment strategy you are going to use will focus you in on what you need to learn.  Get your business structure established and make a business plan.  You know the old saying, "People don't plan to fail, they fail because they don't plan." Take your time and explore Biggerpockets.  There is a wealth of information here. Sometimes overwhelming.  And if its a question in your mind, someone has probably asked it.  So I say explore.  I have found the members are very helpful.  I have seen them provide answers to questions that made me go wow!  So jump in here and make it work for you.

Much Success to you!

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