Quickest way to move properties?

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I have quite a few deals that I'm in charge of moving. We close on the deals, then sell them, depending on how many rehabs we have going on at the moment. It's become my job to move a lot of these wholesale deals.

I've sent them out to my buyers that I have on my list, (which I'm still building upon) but I was curious which are some of the fastest ways you market your properties to other buyers?

I see most of my properties via auction. It is relatively fast and less hassle than developing my own marketing and showing properties. 

There's always the marketplace here on BiggerPockets. In addition, you can look at your local REIA meet-ups to network and build a better buyers list, as well as market your current property. You will want to have good comps prepared as references to prove the ARV of the home, and actual estimates from contractors for repair costs would be very helpful and professional, although while some buyers will consider this step requisite, others may not even care. Regardless of how far you go with accuracy, I would prepare a good presentation for your properties, meaning a nice portfolio/folder with the property, pictures, some briefs on comps, and a delineation of what the ARV is, price to the buyer, estimated repair costs, and maybe some features of the property. I haven't seen a lot of people do this but I feel like it's more professional and impressive.

I haven't had to market any to buyers myself yet, but at every REIA meeting I go to in the Tampa area, there are always deals being presented to buyers. You could consider hiring a V.A. to market your wholesale deals online for you. I don't know if you have any experience with VA's but they can be super cheap, helpful, and professional. You could also hire some people with mobility (not stuck behind a computer in the Philippines) in your area that are willing and able to market the properties for you in exchange for a small commission. They could scout your local meet-ups and you could cut them 10-20% of your assignment/finders-fee.

It depends on how busy you are. What is the highest and best use of your time? Haha. 

I'm already registered for the upcoming REIA this week. I'll be sure to make sure that my presentation is on point then.

I don't have any experience with auctions, but I'll be sure to check into that.

I never even thought about virtual assistant! That could be a great way to help market these things online. I'll definitely look into that.

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