Bandit Sign Success?

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This past weekend I put out 5 bandit signs(limited mobility or would be more) :). 1 possible lead. Still digging into if I find someone that invest in a town outside of where I live. Picked up a cash buyer from my signs too. All of this and I forgot to ask where what location did they see the signs. :(. Just an update for someone who is just taking some action.

Thanks David. I know the feeling Scott. I was only able to get 1 out of my 5 back. Someone left the metal stakes in the ground and took my sign though. I went to retrieve them Sunday night but next time I will make sure it is Saturday night to be safe.

I've had the most success with bandit signs. They are illegal in some cities/counties but I just drive around or mail in those. I also run into the problem of them getting took. Not sure if its other wholesalers or the city but I just put more out. You'll get a lot of tire kickers but also a lot of motivated sellers. I highly endorse bandit signs.

That happened to me this past weekend Don. Had another wholesaler pull up my sign and put his/hers there. Good thing it was just one sign. Still was a little frustrated about that. Oh well.