Wholesaling: where do I find cash buyers

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That's a great question and not too hard to find…at least in most cases.  The question I would ask you first is do you have a good deal?  There are debates on this all the time but I truly believe that if you have a good enough deal it won't be any problem finding a buyer.

That being said here are a couple ways to find some cash buyers.

1) Look on Craigslist but not only for those that say they buy houses for cash but also look through the "For Rent" area.  If they are posting there then obviously they are a landlord and would probably love to be able to buy a great deal.

2)  County office may be able to pull a list for you of say the last 6 months of people who have paid all cash.

3) Use one of the list websites like ListSource.com or MelissaData.com and I believe you can pull a list for cash buyers in your zip codes.  Send letters to them or track them down and start a conversation with them. (I heard this on one of the BP podcasts quite a while ago and thought it was a super great idea.  He had found several great buyers to work with).

Hope that gets you started.  Go find a great deal first.

Here is how i found some of mine:

Look for bandit signs "we buy houses" ... these are wholesalers & they typically have 'Cash Buyers' ...you may have to split your fee w/them but if you take home some cash that is the goal is it not?

Go look at distressed houses (need tlc/handyman special) w/a realtor. I met a guy who was also looking @same house. This guy buys ALOT of houses for a woman who owns the houses. So the more you are out there doing...the more network you have opportunity to create.

Good luck to you,


This was a post I found and followed to a tee, minus the courthouse approach...yet. Either way it's got loads of great ways of finding end buyers and will give you some insight on the subject.