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I am interested in wholesaling MLS properties and I am located in South Florida. I am having some difficulty finding investor friendly, real estate agents that I can work with (submit my offers, follow up, etc) Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank You Very Much


Any agent who knows what they're doing isn't going to want to work with you. As many, I am Investor friendly, but Not wholesaler friendly. We know that you don't have the ability to buy, no intention to actually buy, and your success depends solely on finding some particular buyer that is willing to pay more than all the other buyers the property has been exposed to thru the MLS.

Getting my real estate licensed helped a lot on that point. Finding an investor friendly broker is also a big help. I would definitely recommend doing those things. It's not 100 percent necessary, but it will help you a lot.

  I  see it as a potential opportunity for an agent to make loads of commissions, as my buyer's agent.  If the agent does his or her homework properly, we can both benefit.

And the seller is happy to.  Win-Win_WIn

Maybe I am missing something here...

Thanks again



investor friendly realtor ________,___

your target city, state


P.S This worked for me

Unless the seller is desperate or you can prove that you have the cash to close, a smart listing agent is going to kill your offer with the seller.  Long inspection times and weasel words in the contract aren't going to fly.

Thanks for your suggestions

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