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18 year old who doesn't have the brightest future in school because of recent events. I've always felt like I needed to be free financially in order to actually pursue my artistic dreams. I've found wholesaling as a great way to enter RE & I'm willing to hear everything anyone has to say. From little to a lot of information is fine with me, I haven't gotten my first deal done just to get a basic idea of where I'm at. My strategies are Craigslist & bandit signs. I'd wish a minimum of atleast three different strategies that actually work in my area. (Newark Essex County NJ). I'm thinking of getting into probate leads through my local hall of records with mailing different colored envelops with hand written letters to inheritors. I'm determined and eager so any information would be invaluable. Looking forward to learning with the BP community! Jack LaGuerre

@Hurchson LaGuerre Welcome to investing. I am in the essex county area as well. Those strategies will work but it does depend on how much effort and financial resources you have. The probate leads are good leads but do require your time to research and again the financial resources to market to them. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me.

Mailings to absentee owner houses in the zip codes you are targeting are what I have found to get the phone ringing.

There's a ton of info on here about mailings.  SO Get the phone ringing and follow up.  Good luck!

The key to success in marketing is to be consistent and persistent. 

Odds are you will not get many hits on your first mailer, or your second. Also you need to be realistic with response rates from these methods. 

I don't think you can actually measure with bandit signs, but on mailers I know most people expect to get between 1-3% response, meaning that if you send out 100 letters you will get 1-3 calls (NOT DEALS, CALLS).  

You need to send lots of mailers and stick with it, put adds on craigslist consistently, and hang in there. 

Once you find a good multifamily deal in Newark send it to me and I will buy it ;)

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