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Hello everyone, my name Gabriel. I am from Atlanta, Georgia new to the kind of buisness. Trying to find out the best way to get started as a real estate agent. My I current interest are house wholesale, obtaining my real estate license & becoming a real estate agent . I have a job as a sales rep for a cellphone provider, been in the buisness for a couple years now. I am looking towards bigger and better things for my self in the sale buisness and is very motivated to become a real estate agent. I would love to get as much tips and advice to become a successful real estate agent. Currently looking for the best way to get started.

Welcome to BP!

 @Gabriel Delgado :

 Hey Gabriel,

First Welcome to BP. I would suggest you find an agent/broker that you can trust. Then the next step is to take the exam and pass. From there you can use your license to work in conjunction with wholesaling. For example, you send out 100 yellow letters, anybody that contacts you looking to sell quick for cash becomes a wholesale deal to a cash buyer. Anyone that responds with a nice house, and looking to get retail dollar amount becomes a property that you list on the MLS with your broker.

It gives both you and your leads more options, plus having MLS access sets you apart from other wholesalers.

Feel free to PM me if you need any help!

Welcome @Gabriel Delgado ! Being a real estate agent with real estate investing knowledge will be a tremendous advantage. Bigger Pockets is an awesome resource for free advice. Aside from yellow letters, you may also be able to wholesale MLS deals and connect with other investors, by representing them on transactions in a real estate agent capacity. My business partner, was once one of my investor clients. Simply put, if you are a Realtor that helps investors find deals, they will look out for you and may possibly mentor or partner with you. It's worked out well for me here in Orlando.

Best of Luck!

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