Looking for a Quality Cash Buyers List for Chicago

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Hey Guys,

I am looking for a quality cash buyers list for Chicago if anyone know where I can purchase a list I would appreciate it. The list will only need name and email address (honestly just email addresses).

Hi, Marcus,

Yes - we ALL wish we could just buy a list ... but, of course, it doesn't really work that way.

The BEST list you can get is the one you build through your own networking and contact-making.

You MIGHT be able to pick up a list of properties showing the buyer's contact info and whether or not the property was purchased with financing. Try various list providers and see what you can find.

I have a quality list of about 1000. No email. Just name address and property purchased information include date of purchase and cash price

@David Dachtera Yes I know but some services provide a list of those who purchased properties cash like through the county. I know how to get them to double opt in but thought I would see if someone had a generic list.

I would just ask Chi Town wholesalers for their email list.  Scrub them against each other and voila!

They will more than likely charge.

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