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Hi , Does anyone have a copy of Jerry Puckets podcast that would like to share.  I noticed that it was taken down  from the "Learn " forum and I am looking to find a way to listen to it..

Thanks in advance for any help.

Liz Blazina

Hi Jim, 

I tried the link but unfortunately it brings me back to the biggerpockets forum which states " this podcast is no longer available"  

Thank you though, I certainly appreciate the try:)

Liz Blazina

Thanks DJ  , I did also get a response from Josh.  I kind of suspect that with all the " wholesaling" hype there may be a e-book in the works .. Which is fine, but I honestly don't see the need to take the podcast off . Some folks will buy , others won't .  This is pure speculation on my part here.  Time will tell.

Warm Regards,



You will note that there are in fact no other Podcasts removed. HMMMM?   In this business Actions speak louder than words. Please note,  I have no personal grudge here with BiggerPockets, just keeping it real.   I  truly believe this to be what Biggerpockets was founded on, "distributing information that wasn't found elsewhere".  

Warm Regards,


I would be willing to bet that Jerry Pucket himself asked for the podcast to be taken down, probably due to legal issues.

Podcast #16 was also cut short due to Dodd Frank act.

Why isn't Jerry on BP?

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