Ahcccs lien??

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Hello BP,

I am new to the Tucson AZ Real Estate community. I have done a great deal of research and plan to diligently continue to learn and grow as a Developing investor. I have recently started prospecting deals and may have came across a good deal. Upon conducting my due diligence I discovered the title currently has an AHCCCS lien. What exactly is this? I researched it but am still confused on my position. Is this an issue with the title? Does this need to be cleared before contracting the deal? Thanks in advance. Also, im looking to network as much as possible. I plan on attending the next REI meeting but would love to start networking here. Anyone needing a motivated and detailed wholesaler I'd love to fill the role bringing all that i can to the table. Please let me know.

Happy investing


AHCCCS is the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, otherwise known as Medicaid. I don't know for certain but more than likely the homeowner was placed in a nursing home and this lien is to recover costs associated with that care when the property is sold. 


I'd love to network with you. Give me a call if you'd like to have coffee sometime.


Thanks Tabor, that's what I understood but I wasn't sure. I read the article you provided. Very informative. It does read that the lien must be paid in full by interested parties. I definitely will give you a ring soon. I appreciate it. I understand Tucson is a very competitive market so I'm interested in way's we can work together so everyone benefits.