Answering live vs. voicemail wholesaling

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We currently answer live on most of our calls. I was curious to all the wholesalers out there in some of the other big markets like atlanta, nashville, dallas, florida, texas, memphis, san diego, los angelos, and other hot markets for cash buyers. 

Give me your best reason on voicemail or live answer! Ready............Go! 

answer it live. They are calling you to sell a house, they do not want to speak to a voicemail. They will just pick up the next letter and call that person. Answering the phone is half the battle in real estate no matter what you are doing. If you can't answer live, call back asap

Live answer is always best.  If you cant answer it live then hire an answering service. 

@Spencer Shadrach there are pro's and con's to both. I tend to prefer answering live if I can. If I can't talk at the time, I'll tell them I'll call them back but at least we form an initial connection and they know i'm a real person. 

@Spencer Shadrach ,

As you know, I have responded to many of the direct mail pieces I have received from wholesalers.  

I have found that the only truly negative experience is when a wholesaler does not return a phone call (or text or email).

Said another way, I agree with @Devan Mcclish . Whether you answer live or simply respond to voicemails, just be sure to do so in a timely and professional manner.  If you do, you will quickly separate yourself from the majority of the wholesalers out there.

Always live if you can, but sometimes that's not an option -- either you're on the other line, or meeting with another seller, or in the car. I hate playing phone tag if it goes to voicemail as it can be hard to get back in touch with them. Just make sure you have a way to capture their phone number even if they don't leave a message. I always try to return the call ASAP. What @Devan Mcclish said is true, if they're actually a motivated seller and you don't pick up, they may just call the next buyer in their stack of mail.

Answering live is the best.. if you can't call right back

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