Wholesaling in Frederick/Washington County

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Hello All,

I would like to begin wholesaling in the Frederick and Washington County area. But compared to other markets I have considered Frederick and Washington County seem to be VERY SLOW.

Starting out I would like to do 1-2 wholesale deals per month but I am wondering if that is a reasonable goal for that market? I know a few wholesalers who are doing very well in the Baltimore area; but I did not want to go into that market. I have been told Frederick is good for retail and Washington County is good for buy and hold. But what about wholesaling? Is Frederick/Washington County a good area for wholesaling or should I by pass it and look into other markets?  



@Seonaid Ayisoe

Starting out I would like to do 1-2 wholesale deals per month

It took me years to get to that level. It could very well take you months just to get your first deal. I don't want to discourage you but I do want you to have realistic expectations.

Wholesaling works wherever there are investor buyers looking for deals. It seems the areas you describe have them.

@Seonaid Ayisoe , I started in the Washington County area and did my first deal further out in West Virginia. You are accurate, for the most part, about the types of markets. While this isn't Baltimore or DC, there are deals out there (we closed 3 in Washington County and 1 in Frederick in the last 3 days:)...they are out there. I would be interested in you making me your first phone call, text or email when you get a potential deal. If we don't buy it, chances are, I have someone who will.