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I'm new to this as I am curious on the best way to network in the real estate investment world. I feel as investors would want to be found; to have deals put in front of them. Suggestions?

@Kaydee Kitchen  

Welcome to BP! A good way to meet people is to continue posting and answering others questions on here. It gets your name out there which can lead to further discussions. From there you could talk through the private messaging and get peoples numbers/contact info. I always advise that whenever you meet with someone that's giving their advice, always be super grateful and offer to pay for their coffee/lunch/dinner. They are giving you their time which is mighty valuable in this industry. And once you become more established in your REI career, give back to new people. It's the pay-it-forward mentality within this community.

Another really great way to meet investors is go to real estate investment meetings around your area.  The best way to find these meetings is by signing up for "Meet-up".  You can search by location. 

Good luck!

I agree with Meet-up, I spent a long time searching for a group of like minded people around me (None of my friends or family have any interest in real estate) and Meet-up ended up being the only place online I could find a group in Waco Texas.