Wholesaling Contracts in the Atlanta Georgia market

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Greetings fellow Investors! I wanted to see if someone in the State of Georgia has an assignment wholesaling contract or contracts I can use for wholesaling in Georgia. I would really appreciate any assistance with this. 

Welcome Shaun,

Your best bet is to get one from a real estate attorney. You can create a relationship and have a pre-vetted contract. People are hesitant to give them out simply because of liability. While they got it vetted, you may change it for your benefit. You could see why someone other than lawyer would be hestitant to give you one. 

Another point, people are more likely to respond to questions than requests.

Good luck and hope this helps you on your journey!

Disclosure: I have been wholesaling in Georgia for years now and I started with nothing. Below is exactly what I did when I started:

1. Contract- find a simple 1-2 page P&S agreement online. Take it to a repeatable closing attorney and ask them what your planning to do (wholesale) and what verbiage needs to be included and taken out. FYI its much cheaper to have them review a contract then to have them draw it up. And be sure to also have a 5-10 page P&S for the more traditional parties that are use to seeing a longer contract

2. Agent- Get in touch with an investing agent that sit down with you and actually go through the offer, acceptance, and close process. Not just in the traditional since, but more so understanding the different exhibits that are required and maybe the techniques that are used when your closing doesn't go smoothly, mostly things to save deals from falling out of contract.

3. Classes- Take a few contract classes. Georgia REIA and Atlanta REIA have a few classes talking about contracts, but don't wait to attend the classes to learn about contracts. Be productive mean while and get started with steps 1&2.