Purchase and Assignment Contracts

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@Scott Johnson I got my assignment contract from Bigger Pockets. I then had my real estate attorney review it. Click on the resources tab then FilePlace. I got my purchase and sale contract from my real estate attorney.

Attend a local REIA meeting and speak with an experienced wholesaler. They should have no problem passing you the P & S and Assignment contracts. You get something that not only works in your state but also accepted by the local title companies.

For wholesaling purchase agreements and assignments, I definitely recommend talking to an experienced investor and/or a local attorney who KNOWS what wholesaling is. Each state has slightly different rules. Some states even require a license to wholesale, or have rules about how you can do it without a license. That's the biggest issue. Simple contracts and assignments can be pretty universal, but experiences investors will have certain clauses that they stick in to cover issues that arise locally. 

Happy investing!!