Wholesale contract assignment in Susanville California

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Slow market always has been. I work on the North Coast of Ca. and Southern Oregon. My son's  own property in Susanville and are tired of managing them long distance. One is ready to market, it would be a good investment for a flip or hold.    

I don't know if this forum could help us get going on it or not. Just putting out feelers.

Hello Rodney. I will fill out the calculator this evening, at first glance this looks like an awesome investment, that will cash flow or make a nice flipping project. Seller will carry up to 50%  as a SOD

According to what I've read on this site, I don't think I can advertise the details here on bigger pockets. If anyone knows differently, please advise. I will email you and set an appointment to discuss the property details over the phone at your convenience. 

Originally posted by @James Greenwood:

Hello Maxine,

I just ran across this old post. Any chance they still have properties in Susanville that they want to sell?

I am an invester in the Susanville area.


James G

Last year I told by a Lassen County employee that relocations from the Paradise fire was bringing in new residents to Susanville. I don't know how the current Dixie Fire will affect Lassen County. Will recent fires bring more outliers to towns to absorb housing or build on inexpensive land?