Chattel for Equity

Unlock the potential of your old stamp collection, jet ski, or RV. Identify the seller’s passion, hobby or interests and barter your down payment. Use chattel in place of money, “As good and valuable consideration for this Agreement, Seller accepts a 23’ fishing boat with motor and three boxes of tools as a down payment valued at $12,000.”Barter items that you already own or purchase them at a discount, and you’ll be ahead of the game.

Alternative; offer stuff to the seller as part payment for their property  - a car, truck tools, antiques and other stuff you have laying around or neat stuff you can buy on time.

The seller wants more than you are willing to pay, so offer him things that will reduce his asking price and will give the you a reasonable equity position.  The seller can always tell his neighbors and friends he got what he wanted for the property. 

You got what you want and emptied your garage of stuff you didn't want anyhow.