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Has anyone heard of or know of Darnell Cooley. I've been offered his assistance in getting my Real Estate Investor career going. I'm asking bc I do have to pay him and don't want to be scammed.

Hmmm. let me google that for you...

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BEWARE of a local real estate "mentor" who offers his coaching services. Goes by the name Darnell Cooley and is located in Elk Grove. He leases an office space at Douglas Blvd. in Roseville but moves around.

What's the purpose of this message? To warn anyone who might be fooled into his "coaching" program and hand him their hard earned money. He talks BIG, makes huge claims of success and posts fake pictures of checks and travels claiming he is closing huge deals.

He is a liar and a cheat, will take your money and run for the hills with it once discovered. Take it from someone who experienced it first hand. I don't want to see any locals wanting to learn real estate being taken advantage of.

Here is just an example of some of his lies. An attached picture of a copy of a check he claims from closing a wholesale deal. Some simple due diligence will show the routing number is fake and not linked to any bank, and a simple lookup on California's secretary of state website will reveal the LLC the check is made out to was suspended long ago. A further look into the LLC shows he has nothing to do with its formation in the first place.

why would you pay him? What would you pay him? Most of what you need to learn is here in these blogs and online in podcasts and YouTube videos. Are you really just asking for someone to hold your hand through your first deal? 

Each investors has a slightly different approach to the real estate game. So no two mentors would be the same. The best way is to learn a little from each person and design your own path. No one knows your strength and weakness better than you.


Sorry to hear the guy is giving the real estate mentors that are real and good a bad name but, better you found out (always do a search) now than after you gave him you hard earned money right? There are some good one in your area I am sure or on this site but as you can see you need to do your homework first. The best of luck to you in this great business and don't let one bad egg keep you from your dreams..Keith

I too was approached by this man saying oh I can teach you in this 18 month program for 2500 bucks. He says he is 25 and already made a lot of money and talks big. He calls from a 818 number and has a ad on craigslist. I am glad I looked this up thanks everyone.

I have run into him, and was apparently scammed for his coaching program. Its a shame, after dealing with this situation. I have actually learned a lot on my own, and by asking fellow investors. Lesson learned and will never be repeated. 

Avoid him at all cost at least for the mentor program. He may be a great investor, but he did very little to help me when I asked for assistance. I have the email and msg chains to prove this. Good thing I document every conversation I have when its business related, otherwise I would have nothing to show if I choose to persue legal matters. 

I am just wondering is there anyone who went thru his program and actually learned anything, closed any deals, made any connections or was successful? Did he deliver on his promises and how much did each person pay so we can avoid him and learn from their experiences

All of these post are completely ridiculous!!! I have been working with Darnell Cooley for over 2 years and I successfully went through his program where he not only taught me how to close many deals but he also set me up on the path to continually close more deals on a annually basis using his systems.  I do not understand why people would post negative things about Mr. Cooley just because they didnt have a good experience with it and another good thing to remember is that there are always two sides to every story. 

If any of you on this post or any new investors who are evauating Mr. Cooley's mentoriship want to know the truth about his program and talk with someone who successfully went through it then please contact me off line and send me a message and I will welcome a conversation with you.

Thank you and Happy Investing Everyone.

I was able to learn somethings from him. My only complaint, is the lack of communication that formed. It became very difficult to connect. I am a determined person, so I took the time to learn things on my own. Like I said in a previous post.. He seems to be doing really well in his business, but the inability to connect via phone, email, or in person, is unacceptable to me. I know we are all busy people in this business of REI, but dont become a ghost when you have a paying student.

@Fanon Hutchins Mmm...I never had an issue getting him on the phone. Like I said in my post above their is always 2 sides to every story. I am very sure that there was some miscommunication on either sides. I am truly sorry that it did not work out for you for I am only able to speak from my positive experience of working with Darnell. But as a realtor in this profession I know you know more than anyone here that being apart of these posts are not professional. We as seasoned investors or realtors meaning that we have closed many transactions before should no better not to get involved with this back and forth talk. I mean no harm here @Fanon just setting things straight here between you and I who i feel are the only seasoned investors on this page. Lets connect offline and if you ever do any apartment deals lets some business.

Happy Investing!! 


You are wise to be wary.  Unfortunately, this industry is full of "trainers" who don't deliver.  The question is how do you define deliver?

Any of these guys provide content.  Most of what I have seen of the content many provide is very broad and recirculated from one to the next that may educate you but not teach you.  Most of the ones I see really aren't any different one from the other.

The acid is test is how well you were able to monetize the material you received and quickly.  I would not weight any "training" very heavily where the only thing the "students" had to say about it is "I learned a lot".  You can learn a lot by just reading.  If you are paying good money, you should do more than just "learn a lot".

An on-site mentor should teach you a step-by-step game plan that generates cash in your pocket.  It should tell you how to mine data from YOUR marketplace, how to analyze it, how to find deals, how to make offers, what to do with them once they are accepted to make money on what you just bought, and all the forms and everything else you need to run your business.  You should have something in the pipeline that will pay you shortly after the trainer leaves.  Then, it will be up to you to keep it going.  In other words, the mentor should drop into your market and set-up shop for you.  

There may be others, but I only know of one who does that.  He charges $15,000.  You think that is expensive?  Try ignorance.  One way or the other, you are going to pay for your education.  

That being said, if you decide to invest in training, check the outfit out carefully and make sure that you will receive is essentially a recipe for "baking a successful cake" not just a detailed description of it. (Yes, I love metaphors.)

Its seems like I am getting messages from individuals regarding Darnell. My situation was due to miscommunication, and Darnell and I, have been able to get back on the same page. Being able to resolve the communication problem has been a great relief. So please, there is no need to ask me if he is a scammer or a real person. He is a real person, and you can learn from his knowledge. 

I do not know Mr. Cooley. What I do know is that there are a lot of coaches out there. Most are good and care about their students. A few are bad. I have no problem with good coaches being compensated for their time and expertise. The biggest thing is to find a coach, and a program, that works for you. Do you connect with the coach? Does the approach fit your resources (primarily time and money)? Trust your gut. What might work great for one person might be a horrible fit for another.

Hi, I just spoke to him. I guess I responded to his Ad on Craigslist. Good thing I got his name so I google it @ found this info. Thanks so much. Yes he talks big, $5000 investment for a 12 month program. 

Interesting, I invested $4k with him about a month ago and I'm slowly learning. I wouldn't consider him a scam. It shows on the contract that if I don't make a deal in 6 months from doing everything he encourages me to do then he'll refund the money so I'm hoping to get atleast a few deals before then. We'll see..

The guy is a scam - I invested 2,500 with him because I was looking to learn about apartments and he was a fast talker. Once I called him out on everything he claimed - he tried flipping the switch and posting craigslist ads about me and how I was the scammer. What a joke - I wasn't the one "mentoring" people for money. It sickens me that he's still out there and now targetting out of state people. From his fake $11,000,000 "proof of funds" from Edward Jones to his fake checks. By the way Edward Jones in Elk Grove was alerted to his shenanigans and they confirmed he had no such account with them and were looking into possible legal action against him for fraudulently using their name and claiming he had an account with them. I demanded a refund and he said he paid me back 500, but couldn't come up with the rest. I still have all the emails and correspondence to prove everything. I could post up everything if I really wanted to go after the guy, but theirs no point of further embarrassing him as he is doing that quite well himself. Its just annoying that he's in my backyard in Sacramento and taking advantage of people's hard earned money who might be brand new to real estate and looking to learn. 

Ask him for specifics on any deals he has done - any properties he owns - he will push the subject away and divert attention however he can. He is a fast talker, but has no real experience. His claims of buying houses and flipping them and wholesaling apartments, syndicating big deals, having a large pool of private money and big buyers, its all a sham. Ask him for specific addresses of deals he has done, or put under contract himself. If he gives you any - look it all up through public records to verify his claims. Do your own due diligence and you will see for yourself. I could go on and on about all the lies and the red flags that eventually made me realize. I guess I should have been smarter and it's my own fault for not doing my due diligence and it was an expensive mistake. 

@Saim Chaudhry from the beginning it always seemed to me like he wasn't doing deals himself. Initially he told me he's very picky and choosy with who he picks to partner with him. I'm hoping to end up getting my money back. Unless he's that bad of a dude who would take $4,000 from a 21 year old. Would be very sad. Thanks for sharing your experience with him. Sad to know there are people out there just making money from scamming people and making up stories. 

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Although I can't say much about your experience since I don't know both sides of the story and I was in a bit of a bad mood when I posted above. Since I started about 5 months ago I can only say good things about Darnell. He's a genuine gentleman willing to help those struggling with getting started. He's got good motives and a great amount of energy and enthusiasm which I hope to someday replicate. I really hope that from his mentorship I can get my deals coming in before the 6 month mark so that I can be on my way to financial freedom and the next chapter of the mentorship program. I've been doing the best I can but currently don't have the $$ to be putting out in direct mail which is frustrating cause I know it's all  about the leads. It all comes down to the work I put in that's what I'm gonna get out of it. 

My experience with Darnell Cooley has not been positive. He claims to be a mentor, but so far fails to teach. I do not mind paying but please follow through with what you claim to do. Pick up your phone, answer written texts or emails. Really??

My recent experience with Darnell Cooley, email contacts dcinvestments11 @, realestateinvestingelitecoach @ came from contacting him for apartment wholesale coaching.

I found him on craiglist, Oct  2017 I was in Sacramento and he was in Elk Grove. 



Very nice to meet you and thank you for your inquiry.

I am very excited to talk to you, all of your questions will be answered on our initial call. I personally teach those who qualify how to earn millions in Real Estate Investing in my private and exclusive real estate investing mentorship program and it would be my great pleasure to discuss all the details of what I do in my real estate investing business and how it would add a tremendous value to your real estate investing career.

What is the best time for me to contact you tomorrow after 1pm to discuss all the details of my real estate investing coaching program with you and how it will add a MAJOR value to your real estate investing career.

Reply back with the best CONTACT NUMBER and NAME to reach you, your name along with the time to contact you on TODAY after 7pm or TOMORROW after 1pm.

I look forward to hearing back from you TODAY after 7pm or TOMORROW after 1pm?



--Darnell Cooley


I talked to him on the phone, set up a meeting, then we met face to face at Panera Bread. The next day or so he was pressing to know if I wanted to join and the said he needed to determine if I qualified as a good fit for his Elite Coaching,...not a time and talent waste.  I should have walked then.  I paid him a direct $3000 wire at his Chase bank,....I've still got the contract and receipt.

At the meeting he had shown me Reonomy (legit site) and gave me his usrnm and pswd to access the site to build multifamily buyers' list for Portland and Dallas, I was pretty certain that I had the real deal.  I built 2 list created in excel on my off time and was expected to have a 30min to 1hr weekly call with him.  He gave me a few calls about wholesaling apartments over the next 18 months with our first goal to close one in 90 days.  This was similar to my own previous goals so it wasn't a glaring red flag.  

Within a week (Nov 2017) he said we had an apartment deal under contract in Klamath Falls, OR and a buyer from Southern Cal. So I need to give him $3000 for EMD if I wanted to get in on the deal with him for the expected assignment fee payout of $189,000. This was precisely the REI niche I was interested in and I believed we were in a legitimate deal. I got that from a credit card,... which I transferred it directly to his bank account.

In Dec, we kept the calls going once a week and he asked me to began soliciting property managers, civil engineers and environmental engineers for assessments and evaluations of the property as a part of our due diligence.  The analysis was that the civil engineers found a water issue that needed $2000 in repairs,...."WHY" are we paying this as wholesalers,...his reply is this is to keep the buyer engaged/committed to closing the deal.  So he sent me an invoice via paypay for the repairs and I sent the $1500,...assuming he was adding it to his portion of the repair costs.  Then in Jan 2017 there was a roof issue found and I needed to send $2000 and he was sending another $8000  to get that under way. The benefit of doing the roof repair was that the seller was going to give us a $80,000 repair credit at closing, I have this quote in my text history for future proof if/when needed in court.  I sent another paypal deposit to Darnell Cooley aka dcinvestments.  Darnell told me the deal is set to close in February 13th 2017, so I'm patiently waiting for my 50% portion of the assignment fee.

The weekly calls stopped, and his reply to my text were slow not even within the same day.  He happened to answer one of my calls one day and said the deal is still on and I'm on the way to Klamath Falls now.  So that appeased me for another month.  He dragged out the mysterious closing date to March, then April, and finally May 20th, 2017.  When I texted him I got a short sob story about him being in an accident,...and anothe put off text I'll call you tomorrow.  WHich was the last I heard of him.

I called some of the property managers that I was setting up phone appts with for Darnell.  They didn't know him,....I called the listing broker of the Klamath Falls property and he asked me if I wanted to purchase the apartments,...LOL on me.  I said my partner had these under contract, did it sell already?  I asked this because I though it sold and was being marketed again by "our buyer". An therefore i assumed that Darnell kept the whole assignment fee,...but the broker informed me that he never heard of Darnell Cooley or DCInvestments and that the property has never been under contract. 

Since, then on Darnell hasn't replied to my FB msg's or request, Connected Investor, Twitter,  Linked in or any of my emails.  But he has found it necessary to block me wherever he can.  One of the worst things about this was that this man sat with me face to face and proceeded to carry out this level of fraud and deceit to the tee.

"Let it be known,....beware of his flashy smile, because it may that he has just got you on the hook too".