How to start Wholesaling?

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I am new to RE. I attended one of Than Merrill's seminar this past Sat. I feel like wholesailing would be a great start for me. My question is where and how do I start wholesailing? I live in the Atlanta area.

Read the book here and go to your local REIA meetings. Wholesaling is "easy" and it takes work. Also some great videos on YOUTUBE to get the steps and motivation. Good Luck you can do it.

TAKE ACTION!!  Go Driving for dollars. Find cheap properties that are abandoned , boarded up, tall grass. Then Direct mail. Send mail to those addresses and properties telling the owners you want to buy their home! From that point on .... Wholesaling will happen! And you will learn as you go. I just started last month!! TAKE ACTION !!! Good luck

@Danielle Washington , here is a recent thread about Than Merrill's program:-

(You can find plenty of other threads too using the search function). There is lots of WARNING about the sales pitch for their "Mastery" program, and most would suggest you network and learn here on BiggerPockets INSTEAD, for free. (Also, Laurie and Zohn have already given you some starter information, and a motivation pep-talk to boot).

Welcome to BP. Cheers...