Dealing with Absentee Out of State Owners

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One area that we have marketed is absentee out of state owners. We have run into a certain issue 3 times now, and i wanted to see if you all had any tips. When I speak with the owners the houses are vacant and abandoned. So, to get access to them the owners have said "go to whatever means you can to enter the house" . It has been a little unnerving, but we have done so. Our question is: Is there a tactic or strategy in talking to out of state absentee owners in viewing their properties? These houses are in pretty rough shape and prob only worth the value of the land itself. How would you talk to these owners in the beginning about looking at the house?

If the house is only worth the land value I'd probably pass on the deal.  I don't care if the house is in rough shape.  As a matter of fact, I hope it's in rough shape.  But if the numbers don't make sense then don't spend your valuable time on it.

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