Should I mail to owner occupied distressed properties?

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Hi Everyone, 

So I went out driving for dollars last week and compiled a nice list of distressed properties. As I researched these properties through the townships tax records, I noticed that most of the houses are owner occupied.  I don't know what the correct strategy here is or if there even is one so I wanted to get some opinions.  I was typically looking for absentee owners so I took those out to mail and I'm left with a list of properties that are in bad shape but are owner occupied. 

Do you recommend mailing to owner occupied distressed properties?  What do I do here?



For the cost of a stamp what could it hurt.  Although, I've never done that.  It can be interesting to find out their situation.  You never know, you could be the only guy doing this and it just may turn into a deal, or not!  Either way, good luck.