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What's the best way to find sellers n find a good deal? I've been using apps like Zillow to find homes but it doesn't seem like the right approach to finding a good deal for me and a potential buyer

Most do massive mail campaigns and walk the streets to find rough looking properties. Eviction court from tired landlords is another avenue. If you do not have thousands to put into mailers you might want to go work for another investor.


It's great to want to be independent but generally you have to learn and put in time before you get to that level. The key is if you are working on something that will eventually lead you to the greater things you are seeking. View things as stepping stones and not being permanently stuck in a situation you want to get out of. Sometimes doing the hard things  nobody else wants us to do gets us to where we want to go.  

Zillow is NOT  a good way to find motivated seller. Send out a mailing campaign and check Craigslist. Turns out the hard part isn't actually finding the sellers its negotiating price.