Using RealQuest Pro for Property Values

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I need to find the best way to determine accurate ARV's for my wholesale properties. I know MLS is the preferred source but so far it's been inconvenient to keep asking realtors to give me comps on my properties. So I wanted to ask if using RealQuest Pro for property values is a good alternate way to find accurate ARV's for my wholesale properties so my MAO calcs are good?

Realquest is a good choice if you don't have MLS access. If you can access to the MLS, then that would be even better. You can be their assistant and get your own log-in if they'll agree to it. Find a young ambitious realtor, or a new realtor, and make a deal with them for them giving you access. Maybe you could refer owner occupants/retail buyers when you come accross them, or maybe you could pay their monthly MLS fee for them. Just let them know you only need access to pull comps. Someone should be willing to do it. If not, stick to realquest.