Feedback on my postcard copy

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Hey guys. I'm getting ready to mail out a postcard campaign to an absentee list. Some honest feedback about the copy would be awesome! 


I’m interested in BUYING your house located at <<property address>>

I’m Daniel with Suncoast Equity Partners and we are a local real estate company that specializes in fast, effortless closing transactions on homes just like yours.

As an absentee owner, I’m sure you have experienced some of the many challenges of the landlord business. Vacancies, repairs, evictions and fixing toilets at 2am are just a few. Many times the rental business is more trouble than what it’s worth. There are many headaches that can be solved by selling right now.

Some of the advantages we offer to sellers are

  • 1.We pay cash and can close in as little as 3 days if that best fits your situation.
  • 2.You’re not required to make a single repair. In fact, don’t worry about moving anything or cleaning the place up. We pride ourselves on making the sale as easy as possible and we’d prefer to do all the work ourselves!
  • 3.No realtor commissions! By dealing directly with us as the buyers you won’t have to pay 6% to a realtor or any other unnecessary costs or fees.

We would all like to spend more time with our families or pay off some unexpected debts, and selling your house to me can make that happen. Should you have any interest in selling quickly and easily at a fair price, please call me right away at (727) 379-2039 or you can visit our web site at to submit a property information form.


(727) 379-2039