NCOA Check on Mailing Lists

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I am starting a new mailing campaign with about 1000 post card every 2 weeks. I am buying the list from listsource and printing my cards. To keep the initial cost low, I want to mail these myself as its much cheaper this way vs. using click2mail. 

How can I do NCOA check on my entire list or make sure that the list if complaint with PostOffice address requirements ?

Please suggest...

Thank you so much in advance.

I believe Listsource has an option for "mail address complete", and that they cleanse their mailing addresses. Fairly standard in the industry, we do it as well. As such you shouldn't have any issues there.

NCOA processing can give you other things depending on the vendor, like letting you know if any addresses are vacant, or have had a recent change of address (COA). This isn't necessary for a "compliant" mailing, but can save you money. Note also that the addresses NCOA rejects or provides COA for can be great opportunities.

Separately from NCOA is barcoding and sorting if you want to take advantage of bulk delivery rates. Some will argue this hurts conversion as it is clearly "bulk mail" to the recipient as well, and that it is worth spending a little more on postage. I've done bulk, and for me the bulk didn't hurt conversion, and was cheaper. I used Satori Software for processing, a postcard address printer. Haven't been doing any mailing myself in a while and that printer is still in my closet if anyone is interested.