motivated buyers, how to find them?

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Hi, I am trying to build a list of motivated buyers to contact to whenever I have a property that could interest them. 

At this point i have a couple that I have met at some networking events, but I would like to speedy the process of finding them.

Can anyone give me some advice on this?



If you are in a position to do owner financing, or it you are doing wraps on "subject too" properties you could advertise NO Qualifying.  That will certainly get the phone to ring.

I would focus on finding a good deal first then the buyers will follow. If it is good deal a simple craigslist ad will sell it or talking to a few people at your local REIA.

Are you a real estate  agent or an investor/wholesaler? If your an agent, build a network of go to investors when you have a good deal. Same goes if your a wholesaler. Build a network of prequalified buyers / investors,  ( yes, that means credit scores, financials and verified  funds to close)  so you can place the opportunity with multiple buyers who can perform. He or she,  who steps up with the best price and terms to the seller.....hopefully wins. You do not necessarily  make alot of money on every deal........but if you help other people make money, a just  reward will come back to you. It comes down to helping people get what they want and understanding what your goals are on each deal. 


Another thing you can do is do a search for recent investor cash sales in the area in which you are finding deals in. I've found that allows you to search by zip code, equity %, corporate owned, etc and from there you can determine who is actively buying properties in your market. Hope that helps!