Co Wholesaling?

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I want to start wholesaling, I don't have a crazy amount of money for marketing. I have a little background in internet marketing, so I built a squeeze page for Cash buyers and advertised on craigslist. I do not yet have real estate license (working on it) but I have accumulated 257 cash buyers on my list

info i have for each subscriber:

-First Name / Last Name

-Best Email

-Cell Phone Number

-Home Phone Number


-Type of Properties

-How do you invest? (Flips, Wholesale, or Land-Lording/Rentals)

-How many properties are you looking to purchase per month

-How many properties do you currently purchase per month

-Would you like real time notifications of new properties we get under contract?, if so provide your Instant Messenger below (Skype, ICQ, or Just Text Message)

I want to work with other wholesalers. I can search local "We Buy Houses" businesses on google and find other wholesalers and their phone numbers.

My question is what do I say to these wholesalers when I talk to them on the phone, and ask about co-wholesaling?

I can build a list in any city/RE market using craigslist, How can I co-wholesale out of state because it is illegal to practice real estate in Ohio without a license.Could I just set up and LLC and practice Real Estate out of state by co-wholesaling with other investors?


I would go to your local REIA groups and attend the Bring your deals meet up. Look for deals your buyers want and then ask that wholesaler if they would be willing to co wholesale it with you.

Since you live in state of Ohio, you are going to need the REAL ESTATE LICENSE before doing any business in Ohio. Just start attending REI meetings in your area and ask around them for help.