Virtual wholesaling

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I am new to wholesaling and right now to start off I am looking to start virtually wholesaling properties with other wholesalers in different states and towns in the state I am now.

If anyone reads this and is an experienced wholesaler please contact me. I am willing to work hard and Crazy for the deals we can make!

Hey Angelina, I do not have wholesaling experience, I have been gaining knowledge on the profession for some time now and I know it is time to get started. My goal is to get one deal before the end of the month or the first week in February. I need a trustworthy, motivated and experienced wholesaler to have boots on the ground who can become a regular business partner.

@Tori Powe that great but unless you are in a position where you can't be the boots on the ground, I would suggest that starting out you get out there and learn your immediate area market so you will understand if certain areas are better geared toward buy and holds or flips.  Also, understand the pricing averages in your area so you will know when you have an actual deal.  There's also many other aspects that you should probably learn hands on before you begin working sight unseen in other areas or trying to oversee a process you haven't learned yet.  It's great to trust experienced people, but you have to know the process yourself.   If you like, we can PM.

Why do you want to wholesale other wholesalers in other states?  You probably have plenty in your own backyard.  You just need to learn how to find it.

I'm a big believer in learning to master wholesaling in your own market before trying to go somewhere else.