Tax Delinquent List - Sworn Affidavit?

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I attempted to get the tax delinquent list from the County's assessor's office and they said that I can purchase it for about $250, but I will have to sign an affidavit stating that I will not be using the information for commercial purposes (selling, direct mail, etc). So, my question to you is, how else do I go about obtaining this list?

I'm also trying to get a code violation lists. Seems like my county is just more restrictive in obtaining information.

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Know it is harder to do but if you see a house you want to make inquiry on then go on the county site and pull the information off. Also try Title Escrow Company for this information, they would be cheaper or see if a Agent will hit up his rep for this.

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Larry F 

Wholesaler Washington State

@Larry F.

Thanks Larry. I've thought about connecting with a title company in regards to this.

However, it would still be nice to have access to a database of tax delinquent listings.

I'm running into this same problem. I am trying to get tax delinquent lists in washington counties but some are telling me the list can't be used for commercial purposes, per washington state law. It's confusing as only a few counties have told me this is washington state law, while others have not said anything about commercial uses. I read the law in question and it's a little confusing to me. 

In New Jersey you can make an OPRA request (Open Public Records Act) for tax delinquent properties. Basically OPRA states that government records shall be readily accessible to the public. See if your state has something similar. As far as the commercial use goes, I'd contact your lawyer and get some professional advice. It seems it might be a bit of a grey area if some jurisdictions have problems and others do not. 

@Tzvi Balsam Its really simple: Find the email for the township municipal clerk. Send them an email with the subject line "OPRA Request - Tax Delinquent Properties". In your email describe yourself and what you're looking for " Hello my name is Joe Shmoe I'm a real estate investor in Bayonne. I'm looking for a list of tax delinquent properties. Can you provide this or point me in the right direction....blah blah" They may ask you to fill out a form, fill it out and they should answer. If you fill out the request form they are required to give you a response in 7 business days. If you run into any snags along the way let me know and I'd love to help out. I just got this list for 5 towns and will be mailing it in the next couple weeks. 

@Jonathan S.

Thanks I emailed already 

"Hello my name is Tzvi Balsam I'm a real estate investor in Bayonne. I'm looking for a list of tax delinquent properties. Can you provide this or point me in the right direction"

Also have me in mind on wholesale deals.

Hello everyone. I see the potenial in this field , so my question is. Once such a list is acquired,  what would be the following steps? How do we weed out the good from the bad and how do we go from there ?