Assignment fee for wholesaling

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Hi! :)

Here is my question.
If I am a real estate investor, and I am paying a marketing campaign, but the rest of the work ( setting the leads list, buy the list, order yellow letters, taking calls, see the property, negotiate, close the deal) is done by another person how much should the assignment fee be for this person?

Basically I as the investor i am only paying for the campaign , the rest it is done by someone else.

Any suggestions?
This is in Tx!

@Nelly Licona , I would think: whatever THEY negotiate! Conversely, you should only pay: whatever YOU can negotiate in order for them to still do the work.

ALL of Real Estate is negotiation, from start to finish.

USUALLY, a Wholesalers' Assignment fee is a set figure per successfully closed deal; typically somewhere between $5-10k. (They try for 10, you try to knock them down to 5) Maybe a lot less, depending on your own marketing costs, which would normally be borne by the Wholesaler. Let the games begin...