Potential First Deal

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Ok maybe this is some form of analysis paralysis but all of a sudden I'm lost.  I got a call back on one of the letters I sent when driving for dollars recently.  The gentleman I spoke with is open to selling his home, and would like me to come take a look at it.  He says it does need repairs but couldn't tell me what it might need.  He doesn't even know the year the home was built, and I can't seem to find that info either.  Anyhow before I go out there I'm wanting to run some comps and see what homes are selling for in that area to get a better idea of the trip out there is even worth our time.  The websites like Zillow and Trulia won't really show me any of the recent sale prices, could be because Texas doesn't disclose that?  Anyhow despite all this knowledge I've been gaining over the last few months all of a sudden my mind has froze.  Must be newbie nerves!  Any help and/or advice is much appreciated.

Hey @Jerry Weber as mentioned on the above comment, the MLS is your friend and any agent should be able to help you get comps, and more details on said property, there are plenty of agents here on BP, and I'm sure you can find a local one for you as well. its all about networking.