Delinquent property tax list

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I am looking to send out my first direct mail campaign this week. I have obtained a delinquent proerty tax list from a nearby county. Its about 4,500 entries on a Excel sheet. What next? I'm pretty Excel efficient. Do I remove duplicates? Filter in a certain order? Guys please help!!!!

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Do a number that you can consistently market to, every month for 6 months. You'll have a better chance of getting deals when you hit them several times. Also, I've heard a lot of folks say to start with a smaller number, like 500, for example. That way you can make sure you're able to manage the number of calls that come in. It doesn't matter if you get 50 calls if you're not able to call them all back in a reasonable amount of time (within 24 hours, but preferably right within 15 minutes.). Keep in mind that they may have gotten mail from someone else, and will be looking to get their problem solved as quickly as possible. So your chances are better if you're the first person to call them back with a solution to their problem. Good luck, 

@Andre Eakins ! By the way, I'm from Cleveland, Cuyahoga County. Opposite ends of the state. Have you checked out Indiana at all? I keep hearing that Indianapolis is a hot market right now, especially for rentals. I'm thinking I'd like to get in over there at some point, for some cashflow properties.

@Andre Eakins
Make sure you put "Return Service Requested" on the outside of the envelopes.. This way if they have moved, and have left a forwarding address, you will get the new address.  Also, if no one lives there, and no forwarding address, you will get the letters back so you can pull them off your list... You will get a bunch back, but just remove them from your list, and keep on trucking!

IMO- I'm mailing a postcard to all 4500. This will generate probably 90 calls and some decent activity. But what's more important is all the returned mail. This is what I spend my time following up on. Is property vacant? Has it been sold recently? The mail not returned, I'd send them a more formal letter a month later. It'd be about $2,000 to send those postcards and is expect to close a minimum of 2-3. 

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I would remove all duplicates by mailing address. If the lead has multiple properties, there's no need to send them a letter for every property. As for the "return service requested" i would not put that on a yellow letter, it takes away from the personal touch. You can put that on professional letters with a typed font envelope or a postcard with no issue. Also keep in mind that "return service requested" only works with First Class mail.

@Andre Eakins The key is to figure out how much you can afford on a regular basis, and then commit to doing that same amount every month. If you mail out fewer because your budget is low, it's better to do that than to start out mailing 500 only to realize you can't keep up that number of letters every month. Most of the money is in the follow-up. You might get lucky and get something on your first mailing. But you shouldn't depend on that.

On a biggerpockets podcast I listened to, a guy said he only had $100/month to work with at first. So that's what how many cards he sent out. It took him eight months but the consistency paid off.