Hottest markets in Michigan?

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I am looking to invest in the areas around me. I live in Davison Michigan which is about a half hour East of Flint. Was thinking of looking for properties in my home town, Grand Blanc and perhaps Oxford. Was wondering if anyone had any tips on strong markets in the area.

Hey Dan, 

Grand Blanc real estate market has continued to be the dominating strong point in Genesee County. Between Fenton and GB, expansion continues both in land development and market value. With both a hospital and one of the top performing schools in the state, it continues to bring people from Oakland County looking for a slightly smaller pace with all the modern conveniences. 

The market fluctuates like any, but with recent downtown developments, and new businesses braking ground on a monthly basis, now is as good a time as any to jump in. 

Just my thoughts :)

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Hi Dan,

I live in Traverse City.  I am very busy at this particular moment.  I should have some time freed up toward the middle or end of July.  However, I would like to begin a dialog.  I have some experience with 3-4 house purchases, renovations & renting from a while ago.  I grew up in TC and moved back in the late 90's.  So, I'm quite familiar with the area.  I would like to get involved with the real estate market again.

Let me know what your experience is and what you are trying to do.

All the best,

Jim Clous

Hi @Dan Graney .   I invested in Oakland County (including Oxford specifically) for years.  I love the area, but I find the taxation and strict guidelines in many of the Oakland County municipalities frustrating.  Considering your location, I'd focus on Genesee or Livingston, specifically Fenton, Hartland, and Grand Blanc.  It has much the 'feel' of Oxford, but with prices/taxes that are more reasonable, and potential growth that is more appealing.

BTW, Great summary @Gary Morris !

@Tanya H. I am an investor from Bay City. If you ever need anything, don't hesitate to ask! 

@Jim clous, @Randall Burris, @Dan O'Neill, I Have a friend up in Traverse City who is trying to buy his first deal. If you come across anything that you don't want, or if you have any solid wholesale deals, he would probably be interested. Strong loan capability. 

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@Randal Burris, @Dan O'Neil,  I am from Cadillac and am just getting my ducks in a row to start investing in Northern Michigan (primarily Cadillac & TC)  Any leads on wholesale properties to b & h would be appreciated. 

Jeff Geeseman 

Fun to see the activity here. I grew up in Midland and very interested in Grand Rapids.

Originally posted by @Brandon Foster :
Originally posted by @Tim G.:

Fun to see the activity here. I grew up in Midland and very interested in Grand Rapids.

Plenty of good deals in GP Tim

.... Inbox me...

 GP or GR? I'm interested in Grand Rapids, not Grosse Pointe

@Tim G. Hi Tim,
Im from Midland too! Small world, Grand Rapids is a great market. My biggest problem is its so hot keep getting outbid but rent rates climbing like crazy. I have an investor unloading 750 units in retirement. Can't but them all myself although I want to so let me know if interested.

@Charles Kao  

I have been looking at investing in Michigan for quite some time but since I am out of state, I would need scale/volume to make it worth it IMO. Message me if you would like to speak about partnering up or helping your investor unload some of his units.