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Hi Everyone,

I did some "walking" for dollars in my neighborhood and came across six properties that are vacant.  I also drove around and found a dozen properties that looked pretty run down.  My problem is that I can't find a resource to now track down the official owners and their mailing address.

LA County does not provide name/address information on their website and San Diego County told me that I have to come into the office.

How is everyone doing this?  I've heard people say "Have a title company do it for you", but why would a title rep do this for me if I am not an agent?

I found a blog on BP from a while back by Chris Feltus, Driving for Dollars Bible, that gives good info., but in his examples the local appraisal district gave name/mailing address info on their website, which isn't the case in LA and SD counties.  So, now what?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Hey James!  Go into your local tax assessors office.  They should have computers there for you to use to look up ownership info.  Let me know if they works.  There's gotta be a way!  Let me know if you need a buyer BTW! 

Good luck 

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@James Thiel , @Pratik P.  I would like to add to this discussion if I may? I did the very same thing yesterday, driving for dollars, and I found a vacant property in my area. I happened to find out the owner's name and mailing address. My question is now that I have a property and an owner's name, how would contact be made to discuss offers. It appears that the owners just walked away from the property, so catching them at home or contacting them by mail isn't an option.

@James Thiel In my neck of the woods, everyone I know uses Realist - it's part of the access package some (all?) agents and other RE pros have access to.  Not sure if CoreLogic (the company behind it) has some way to use their data that individuals can tap.

Or, go to the Assessors office and look it up yourself, as someone else mentioned.