Purchase Agreement

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I am trying to land my first deal but the contracts are throwing me off. 

1) do you leave the deposit with the homeowner or title company?

2) Do you need to fill out your address info in the agreement? The image attached makes it seem so

3) How can I get more tips on filling out these forms (Purchase agreement and assignment of contract)?

Normally if it is a listed property you give the deposit to the agent. If you are dealing directly with the homeowner I would give the deposit to the title company. If you are buying from me, you give it to me. If you don't trust me you can buy from someone else.  My point is that this is in part a negotiation and look to do what is in your best interest. You are safer giving it to the title company than giving it to the homeowner. 

I have a place for the buyer to fill out their address on my contract but just as often as not it is left blank. As a seller I would want it from you but it doesn't affect the legality of the contract.