Coaching with Initial seller contact

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I am looking for someone who regularly wholesales for a couple of coaching phone calls.  I sorta of get the marketing aspect of the process and am getting some calls on my marketing.  The questions I am looking for specifically are 1- when to walk away and when to push the home owner to try to get a lower price.  2- what do you say to weed out serious sellers from someone looking for an at market sales price.  ( everyone says they want retail sales price at first, when do you decide to thank them and move on) 3- The big one, how do you "sell them" on selling their property for a 30% + discount.  4- I learn by doing, so I am hoping to do a couple of role playing scenarios.

I am not looking to take a ton of your time.  I am have thought about pretending to be a desperate seller and reaching out to some whole sellers but don't think that is to ethical.  Please PM me with your hourly rate and I will get back to you.  Thanks!  

I have to admit I'm nowhere near an expert at this time. I'm quite certain that there are others on this forum that are more gifted than me.  However if you need help you can give me a call.  I pm'ed you.