Anybody here have any success with Joe Bodeks Mentoring

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I have been looking at Joe Bodeks wholesaling and Lease Option mentoring programs

He sounds like a squared away experienced guy based on his lectures

and the price for his program is very reasonable

Has anyone here had any success working with Mr Bodek?

Any help appreciated

Dave Doyle

Los Angeles

 His books, webpage, videos are copies and rehash from other materials I have read previously on Lease Purchasing and wholesaling. They need editing; gross misspellings and large spacing. Save your money. His videos also give the impression of a cheap one bedroom apartment; not the stuff of success. Bigger pockets has much better information and sources for free. I love this webpage; Thank you BG

Hey Dave, i have been looking at it too but haven't jumped in yet.  Did you give it shot?  Mark, i understand where you coming from but does the material provide enough info to start wholesaling.   I can look past some typos and cheap videos if the value is there for the mentoring.  Any insight would be great


I tried his stuff but no results

The wholesaling stuff and the concept  makes more sense than the lease option stuff

In my experience most sellers dont understand lease options,so the problem ,I find  is ,you cant sell something to someone who doesnt  understand what you're offering them,even after you carefully explain how the process works.People are fearful of things they dont understand

Many people claim great success with lease options but I have met many investors and attended many REI club meetings ,trainings and workshops and Ive not met one person who could show me a lease option deal they did or for that matter declared that they have done a lease option. Dont want to sound negative but thats been my experience.

You're right, sellers are much more reluctant about strategies they don't understand. I had a really tough time trying to explain what a Subject 2 offer was to a seller. I would definitely add it to my "tool box" but not rely on it as my main strategy. 

I'm very against the idea of paying mentors/coaches. If they truly are successful, they wouldn't be asking for money up front. 

Spend your time and save your money by using free resources like Biggerpockets, youtube, etc. 

@David Doyle You say you tried his stuff but no results? He charges $25 a month to mentor you. All you have to do is a little work in bringing him the deals and send him a filled out property report and he will call the customer for you and sell the deal. You split 50/50. 

It sounds like you spent the $150? to do the 4 week calls with him but nothing else! I don't know about you but lease options are a great alternative for non-wholesale deals and if you know nothing about them, what a great way to learn for $25 a month... or you could spend $997 for a course and do it on your own.

Thanks for getting back to me Vince

Could you please tell me in your experience have ever been able to do a lease option deal?

Please let me know 


Dave Doyle

Los Angeles

Hi Dave I know this an old thread. I believe Joe Bodek is a member of Bigger pockets. 

My opinion on Joe is he appears to be a good guy, but I believe I made a big mistake 

He does not appear to be the coach nor the mentor I was looking for. His style is totally different from mines. I chose him because of the price tag of $97 which was sort of a waste. I wanted him to help me with the paper work so I can reinvest in my mentor and coach Joe McCall I have already closed 3 deals under what I have gotten from Joe but I really had no idea what I was doing. The money i did get I was taking trips Now trying to get my next lease option flip completed for Joe McCall. Honestly I believe I will probaly fire him and just move on before he charges me another $25 for nothing. There are no coaching calls or group calls 

For the rest of the people reading this Hands Down the best people to learn is Joe McCall and Claude Diamond you can find them on Youtube. Wholesalers are great but you need to make phone calls to sellers, real estate agents. 

Anyways My name is Jai Thompson from BWD Investment Group DBA Jai's Consulting Service I am not a Guru just a real estate investor here to help feel free to reach out to me 702 751 5310 Yes, I answer phone and respond to email and texts with in minutes

One should not pay for ANY mentoring scam you might come across on U Tube. They are all gurus trying to make money without doing any work. Some will get you into trouble if you follow their plan. You can learn all you need to know through BP and just watching the video's for free. A little online research goes a long way. Wholesaling is not as complicated as some try to make it, the process is easy to learn. I've only been doing it for six months, but I've closed one deal. The hard part is locating properties and end buyers.