Wholesaling in Fishers, Indiana

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Every once and a while one of my wholesalers will have a property in fishers, but not very often so if you become a wholesaler and get properties in that area, or carmel, put me on your buyers list.

Like most of the Indy Metro - that area is very active and has a heavy owner occupant buyer pool.

IMHO - I think you will find it very difficult to find anything to flip and/or cash flow north of 56th St...

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Thanks, everyone. 

I agree with everything I'm reading and that's what makes me curious about the area.  Is everyone assuming that the area is so desirable that few are sending mail in this area?  Does anyone else with an Indianapolis presence have any stories of wholesaling in Fishers? 

@Anthony Gary Typically you need an ugly house to wholesale it..  Most of Fishers, is newer homes and not in bad shape, so they get sold on the retail market the majority of the time... 

Houses in the nicer areas(Carmel, Fishers, Zionsville, Greenwood, etc) even when in bad shape still get decent money, so Realtors are happy to list them... 

As others have said, it's not impossible to find deals in those areas, but it's pretty rare..