Maybe found a possible lead?

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I was searching for absentee owners when I somehow came across the website . I'm not familiar with them at all but they have me 1 free report so I wanted to try it out. They listed the names of the owners and it shows that they also have another house. It looks like they are/were trying to sell one of the houses.. ? How would I go about finding out if they're one of the distressed homeowners I should try and work with? Is it best to just look their phone number up in yellow pages and ask them if they're trying to sell the property?

Yes look up the home owner by skip trace or yellow pages. create a conversation with the home owner your an investor in the area who buy homes and you came across the property at 123 Main Street and your interested in purchasing / make an offer. 

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@Melinda Campbell Absentee Owners are one of the most common prospects investors market to. You can entire lists of them for your market through companies such as ListSource. I am not familiar with propertyshark. It depends on the length of the list you have, your time allotted to track down the owners, and your tolerance to dead leads. Calling each name is theoretically best because you are personally communicating with them (aside from driving to their house...). If you have a decent size list, mailing may be the best way to reach out to all of them. I have used Spokeo before to find phone numbers but they are not always accurate/updated. I was just recently told about It sounds worth looking into. Hope that helps!