Co-Wholesale Agreement Contract

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Hello Good people! 

Does anyone have an agreement template for co-wholesaling? I've been searching everywhere with not much luck...

Big Thanks in advance!!


What are you trying to do exactly?

Jim Sakalis

Hey @Vinh Jutras would it be better to create an LLC to move the wholesale deals through. If your partner agreement is clear you should be good.

Contracts that do not have a legal purpose are not valid contracts. Is your wholesaling business in compliance with applicable law ? Probably not as a business venture unless you and your partner have a real estate license to operate. 

Now, you may not care about the legality of what you want to do, like most other wholesalers and their gurus, but you're asking for an agreement that is like asking for an agreement to bind another person into shoplifting with you or to go rob a little old lady. If what you do has legal issues, like being illegal, then you have no legal purpose, the agreement is not valid, not enforceable and just plain worthless. That goes for any business entity as well. 

What you're asking for is a co-brokerage agreement that brokers have. 

 Ever hear the term "honor among thieves" ? That's because they don't operate with written agreements. 

Probably why you can't find such an agreement too!


Hey @Vinh Jutras
I've seen a bunch of templates on the File section of the website. They're very simple one-page contracts and can be easily interpreted. Please don't be frightened because I'm sure you're operating legally :) i love doing co-wholesale deals and JV's!

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