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My name is Ramysh Bito and I am 26 years old. I am on this forum for two months now and have been learning a lot, but still have questions.

Most posts are in America. Is there someone living in Europe or The Netherlands that can help me out?

I want to start wholesaling here. I have bought the book of Nick Ruiz and Ken McElroy to educate myself more in Real Estate.
I am also working on my buyers list, but don't know very good where I can find the right buyers. Anyhow, I will continue to network and search for them.
Then I need Motivated sellers, but I really don't know how and where I can find them! Does anyone has some ideas?

I want to network with people in Europe! So if you are here, lets contact!

Kind regards

Ramysh Bito

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Thank you for your reply!
How can I send you my phone number?
I have a few questions:

Why are you flying back and forth, if I may ask?
What do you mean by renters have squatter rights?
What are AirBNbing?

I do know that the laws on renting out a property are a bit difficult. I am still investigating that too. http://www.verhurenhuis.nl/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=92&Itemid=18 (it's all Dutch!)

Is it a idea to partner up with other investors so you can invest in Holland?

To begin my RE entrepreneurial path I want to start wholesaling. I need to know how that first deal feels like and work on from that. I can't flip or buy and hold a property yet.

Hi Ramish,

We have a whatsapp group too, you can send your phone number to one of us and we will add you.

I will pm you.


Ramysh, (re-posting b/c original post was removed)

There's a group of us investors in The Netherlands on BP. We started a FB site and if you send your phone number we can add you to the WhatsApp group as well. We meet in person.

I fly back and forth myself between The Netherlands and USA, and haven't pulled the trigger yet on purchasing real estate in The Netherlands for various reasons (i.e. financing is hard if you have international income, renters have squatters rights, Dutch market is increasing slower than rate of inflation, stronger laws on AirBNBing and renting out property, etc.).

It's a little different in The Netherlands than in the USA when it comes turn to meeting. In the USA we usually create real estate groups which meet by region whereas in Holland we have a group for the entire country. I see you're in Eindhoven / Noord-Brabrant area. We definitely have some folks in the NLD group from that area whom you could possibly meet in person. I know there are people on that group looking to buy another investment so maybe a good start for a "buyers list"? Glad to meet you!



Send me a private message if you want to share your phone number. 

In Holland renters have really strong rights where if the tenants lease is up but they still pay you cannot remove them easily or at all.  I've heard of people having to pay the tenant 10's of thousands to vacate so they can sell their property.  Plus to legally rent out your place Holland strongly regulates rentals if you have a mortgage.  As in the link you've sent you need to list your home for sale for at least 6 months prior to listing it as a legal rental and have 70% equity (I thought some banks require more but okay) in the property.  I've heard of banks also getting involved in regulating how much you charge for rent as well.   I'm not sure if this is the same for commercial lending but something to look into to.  Many homeowners illegally rent there properties out in Holland but that can also be a little risky if the bank finds out they can require that you sell the property. 

It's becoming really popular in Holland to rent rooms out via AirBNB, however cities are starting to crack down and regulate so if you were thinking of doing this just keep abreast of city regulations. 

I fly back and forth because I really enjoy living in Holland but my family and real estate investments are in the USA.  It's always a constant battle finding the right balance as an expat.



Hi Melissa,

For commercial lending the rules are different, you need minimum 30% down-payment and you can rent it legally without any issue, actually you need to prove beforehand how much rent can you get, or, if tenants are already in, it is even easier to obtain the loan.



When the lease is up, you can't remove them indeed, not without a fight. There are strong rights to protect the tenants. You can find a lot on this page about renting: http://www.verhuurcommissie.nl/wetten-en-regels

I have never heard about needing 70% equity in a property before you are able to rent... When you have a mortage, banks have put a Huurbeding (http://www.verhuurcommissie.nl/publicaties/Toestemming-van-de-bank-om-je-huis-te-verhuren) into the mortgage that doesn't allow you to rent without permission. I have heard that banks are making it hard these days to give mortgages to investors in Holland. You need to be creative or have a lot of equity. 

First of all i need to focus on building equity and the lingo through wholesale. I'm still searching for the right translation for wholesale in Dutch and i'm still searching for a wholesaler in Holland, because i'm having trouble putting up the contracts.

Awesome info Jen and Ramysh, thanks for sharing!

Wholesaling is about finding deals not buyers. If you have a fire deal buyers will appear. The fire deal however is hard to find. Having around 6% expenses on each transaction cuts a lot from your possible profit especially when people are not selling below market price. Sub-leasing here is still an option as long as you do not get into any big lawsuits and you pay the bank monthly without any lags. Borrowers pop on banks' radar when fail to repay on time more than 1 (maybe 2) times.

I live in the Netherlands as well. I'm very interested in discussing about real estate deals! Could you also add me? 


I'm also looking for people who want to start wholesailing in real estate in the Netherlands. Does somebody have a bit more info about if it's legal and what we need to do to start here with wholesailing?

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