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Hey bigger pockets I'm building a list of houses that are under preforclosure/foreclosure in north carolina and wondering how should i approach a real estate agent if they are the one picking up the phone?


So I got this straight, " You are trying to reach the home owner correct?" With that being the case when an agent answers the phone tell them you would like to speak to one of the parents.  Just kidding, but that may be an ice breaker to get the conversation started.  Just introduce yourself and tell them what you are trying to do. Be transparent with them.  I'm guessing at this point in the game the agent was unsuccessful in selling the property.  You may be able to create or form a partnership on creating a win-win depending on the stage of the process.

Jim Sakalis

Just tell them your intent. Will also help if you tell them you'll list with them so they'll be more to help and talk with you.

Thanks that helps a lot but if it's the person in foreclosure who picks up phone how do you guys come off without sounding pushy to buy there home??

@Deonte Singleton double check the laws in North Carolina about contacting someone during a foreclosure. I don't know for sure but I heard it may be legal. If you're from North Carolina some of the dumb laws we have. #keepgrinding

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