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Came across a lead for a tiny home in Brazoria county. Seller is motivated to sell, but I haven't the slightest idea how to assist this family. I normally wholesale, but there isn't much literature on the subject. Home has full kitchen, full bath with shower. Huge upstairs with bed and closet already to go. Has a second loft space over living room. Has water heater tankless for hot water. Actually has a flushing toilet and washer dryer. As well as RV hook ups and storage tank for off grid. doesn't have solar panels but is wired for plug in electrical. All this packed inside an 8X25 space. I was able to find out it is street legal to pull as an RV without a special license.

Anyone familiar with working with tiny homes? The lead is yours just let me learn!! 

They are difficult to resell. Next to little value as the buyer pool is extremely small. Many will cost tens of thousands to build and will resell for pennies on the dollar.

Placing a value on them is very difficult as there are no comparisons. Unless you have a local small home community the value they have in other areas is irrelevant. If you can I suggest you locate the nearest small home builder and see if they have any interest.

Thanks @Thomas S. for your input. So far placing a value has been the most difficult part, and there is not much of a buyer pool here. Will just add this one up as a learning experience.

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