Purchase Contract with Title Co--Seller Gets Cold Feet

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I have a purchase contract for a property Subject-To existing financing. The contract states that this is how the property will be purchased. 

Now, the seller doesn't want to do that. They backed out, and said I can only buy it with cash. I told them the only reason I agreed to this price was because I was taking over payments. 

It would still make a decent wholesale deal, but I'd much prefer sub-to. However, I can't really wholesale it since they've put up this front. I can't get pictures or access to the property, and who knows if they'd actually sell it after they did this to me.

My contract lasts until the end of November. Any ideas?

Walk away and find another one. 

I've had issues with sellers like you have. Anytime you can't get access to the property or pictures of the inside walk away. They aren't ready to sell. A motivated seller would let you have all the access to the property you want to get the problem to go away.

Don't waste your time with it. 

Wish you the best. 

I still helped the sellers family out by getting them into the probate process with a good attorney. Hope it goes well for them. 

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