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Hey guys, 

I've never really been into the residential market (besides a couple fix and flips). Nor have I ever been a wholesaler (I'm more of a commercial guy). But due to  some investment opportunities that have come my way, which I don't have time for,  I may be forced into the wholesaling game. The thing is, by me usually being the end buyer, I've never developed a buyer's list. What are your methods in doing so?  All of your thoughts well bee greatly appreciated.  Oh, and I'm in Chicago by the way! 

Networking, joining local REI's, getting lists of properties bought with cash and researching the owners is the ways I built my list. Also I see that you are in Chicago and primarily a commercial guy. Are you looking for MF deals in Chicago?

Thanks @Stephen, and I am looking for some new commercial deals

@Jarrod Anderson Hey there! There are a lot of ways to build your list! Like @Account Closed mentioned networking is the best way. Introducing yourself and meeting as many people as possible is huge. You never know where you'll meet a buyer.  Do your research on this site as well. There are a lot of active people in our market on here. Let me know if youd like to connect and maybe I can be of assistance in unloading some of those properties!

Jarrod contact me and I'll help you find mf deals in Chicago. 

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