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Hello everyone,

First things first, I live in Canada. So, I need someone with experience in Canada. ( Ontario to be specific. )

I'm interested in starting to take action on real estate investing.  My first plan of action is to talk to an EXPERIENCED wholesaler.  

I'll talk to you:

  • On Skype
  • Google Hangouts
  • Over the Phone
  • Any other way I can

I have heard the podcasts ( I'm up to date ), read some posts on here, seen some youtube videos ect. I feel like I've got the basic idea down about as good as one can without actually doing it.

Before I actually get out there and send the letters, there are some specifics I would like to talk to an experienced wholesaler about.  


  • Are there lists in Canada like in the states? On the podcasts they often mention pre-foreclosures, people who are behind in taxes, people with by-law violations ect. 
  • Can we get a contract under our name, then, have someone else take it over like in the states?
  • What EXACTLY are you putting on your yellow letters/ post cards? 
  • How did you choose the area you send yellow letters to?
  • How to really, talk to a seller about selling their home to you at a cheap price. What are common questions you ask? How to you like to build rapport with a customer? What have been the biggest mistakes you've made? Can we go through a typical call?

Any help at all from experienced members would be really appreciated.  

Most important of all, is I'd like a real, one on one conversation. ( I'm full of questions. )

Thank you for your time :)

Hi Jason, I am curious if you actually went into wholesaling and if you were successful in it.

Im curious too! Ive spoken to some people who live in Canada but wholesale here in the US. Have yet to hear from anyone in Canada actually wholesaling in Canada. Your market is quite expensive isnt it?

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