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Hello everyone,

First things first, I live in Canada. So, I need someone with experience in Canada. ( Ontario to be specific. )

I'm interested in starting to take action on real estate investing.  My first plan of action is to talk to an EXPERIENCED wholesaler.  

I'll talk to you:

  • On Skype
  • Google Hangouts
  • Over the Phone
  • Any other way I can

I have heard the podcasts ( I'm up to date ), read some posts on here, seen some youtube videos ect. I feel like I've got the basic idea down about as good as one can without actually doing it.

Before I actually get out there and send the letters, there are some specifics I would like to talk to an experienced wholesaler about.  


  • Are there lists in Canada like in the states? On the podcasts they often mention pre-foreclosures, people who are behind in taxes, people with by-law violations ect. 
  • Can we get a contract under our name, then, have someone else take it over like in the states?
  • What EXACTLY are you putting on your yellow letters/ post cards? 
  • How did you choose the area you send yellow letters to?
  • How to really, talk to a seller about selling their home to you at a cheap price. What are common questions you ask? How to you like to build rapport with a customer? What have been the biggest mistakes you've made? Can we go through a typical call?

Any help at all from experienced members would be really appreciated.  

Most important of all, is I'd like a real, one on one conversation. ( I'm full of questions. )

Thank you for your time :)

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